Technically, the first snakes I found in Bangkok were Brahminy Blind Snakes and White-headed Blind Snakes in Lumpani Park. But the first wild snake I found that didn’t look like a worm was on an October afternoon just off of Ramkhamhaeng 2.

I was walking along the road after church, looking through pockets of habitat I had spotted from the bus. I had seen several sun skinks, monitors, and garden lizards (as well as an eel!) when I turned down this little trail next to a canal:

I hadn’t gone 10 feet when I spotted a slender form in the grass. A snake! By the shape of its head I could tell that it was not a venomous species. As I bent down to pick it up, it stayed frozen, relying on its camouflage to avoid detection. I gently lifted it off the ground and had my first Long-nosed Whip Snake in hand. It was a young one, no thicker than a pencil.

Long-nosed Whip Snake head looking straight on - note slenderness of head and body
Long-nosed Whip Snake Ahaetulla nasuta bangkok thailand

I released him into a tree and watched the beautiful creature make its way up a branch.

Long-nosed Whip 10-9-10 in Ram 2 (5)

My “first” was a beauty, and there were many more to come.