You don’t always need to go out to find herps. Sometimes they meet you right at home.

Everyone in Bangkok knows that geckos love to come indoors, where they eat the mosquitoes, flies, baby cockroaches, and other pest that annoy us and spread disease. On my first day in Bangkok I found this Flat-tailed House Gecko sitting on a windowsill.

Flattail House Gecko Hemidactylus platyurus

Though the Flat-tailed House Geckos are the most common species to be found inside, the closely related Spiny-tailed House Geckos could be found in homes as well:

Spiny-tailed House Gecko Hemidactylus frenatus

And once I found this Stump-toed Gecko under a board right in front of our house:

Stub-toed Gecko Gehyra mutilata

A few months into my time in Bangkok, the Oriental Garden Lizard hatching season began. This tiny little juvenile showed up on one of the potted plants on our doorstep:

Oriental Garden Lizard
juvenile Oriental Garden Lizard Calotes versicolor

And when the rains came, of course, the frogs started moving. Common Indian Toads were the most frequent visitors to our Oh Nut home. This big guy didn’t make it into the house, but was found in a neighbor’s fish pond.


On occasion Asian Painted Frogs came inside:


I was worried the frogs might lose their way and fail to find their water puddles again, so I gently caught them and released them outside. The lizards were let be – they’re perfectly harmless and do a great job of making themselves at home. All of these frogs and lizards, of course, are great for consuming pests. I hope you have similar helpful visitors in your abode.