Seven Snake Day

23 Apr

Sometimes in Bangkok I could go weeks or even months between snake finds. When the herping was tough, I said “just wait for the rainy season”. The rainy season is when all sorts of snakes become active that otherwise stay safely underground. Though I ended up spending most of the rainy season out-of-town, I did have by best-ever Bangkok snake day during a wet June afternoon.

During the rainy season I spent some time “flipping”, checking under rocks and logs for snakes and other animals. In order to preserve the habitat I always carefully put the objects back in place afterwards. By flipping I found out that one park was a kukri snake hotspot. On this “best day”, I first found a Banded Kukri Snake:

banded kukri snake bangkok

The habitat I found it in:

A little later I found a Striped Kukri Snake:

striped kukri snake

striped kukri snake bangkok

striped kukri snake tail bangkok

Its rather mundane habitat:

As usual, I found many Brahminy Blind Snakes:

brahminy blind snake bangkok

And under a board next to a lake I found a beautiful young Red-tailed Pipe Snake:

red-tailed pipe snake bangkok

red-tailed pipe snake bangkok

Habitat shot

All in all I found 7 snakes of 4 different species in just a few hours! Though I had one other seven-snake day in Bangkok, and a few other days where I saw 3 species of snake in the same day, this was the only time that I managed 4 different species in the same spot, so for me it was a special day. I hope you can get even more fortunate in your own snake searches.


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2 responses to “Seven Snake Day

  1. sameer

    May 19, 2014 at 11:46 pm


    Was really wonderful ready your blog!!

    I am an herpetofauna lover by hobby from india and have come to thailand for vacation with my bro, we will be going to Bangkok day after tomorrow that’s 21st may 2014, and I am there for three days, was wondering if u could suggest some good park or trail or any good place where I can flip some rocks and stuff, all mainly for pictures only!!! Had been to kho kheow open zoo today… captive stuff was good but more exciting was seeing wild stuff around the zoo, we saw a few huge tokays, almost missed a flying snake, that means I caught it but it was half way inside a hole and had to let go as it was difficult to get him loose, and we saw a beautiful juvenile retic sleeping in an old roof!

    We are in pattaya now, will be leaving day after for Bangkok staying near siam….

    So can u suggest a place where I can spend. .. say 3-4hrs which may hav good diversity of herps. Nothing particular to see..but would like to see a flying( c.ornata) again or some smaller ground dwellers. ..maybe tokays or monitors. …actually any reptile amphibian will be great to photograph!



    Sameer kehimkar

  2. sameer

    May 19, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    Oops spelling. …

    ‘Was really wonderful reading your blog!!’


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