For a little change of pace, I want to share something more exotic. I recently made a two-week trip to Bangladesh to experience the work of the Creative Conservation Alliance. This is an amazing group of herpetologists working to conserve animals and communities in Bangladesh’s most biologically important forests.

My story of the trip was published on the Living Alongside Wildlife blog in four parts. Click on the following links to read about the herping fun and scientific research we observed there. I hope you enjoy it!

Part One: Snake Call! An introduction to the Bangladesh Python Project
Part Two: Travelers and Transects: Our role helping the project
Part Three: Stubborn Students and Kanai’s Krait: the Bangladeshis we worked with
Part Four: Pythons and the land: is there space for us and wildlife to coexist?

You can also check out the more photo-heavy posts I made of the trip on my blog here. Just click Herping Adventures and take a look at the Bangladesh posts!