pythons sunbeam snake jodi's pipe snake in thailand

Everyone is familiar with Thailand’s pythons. The Reticulated Python is a Thai legend, an enormous and beautiful snake that finds a home hunting through canals and rivers from the most remote jungle to urban Bangkok. The heftier Burmese Python is more comfortable on the city edges and country scrub while the short and fat Red Blood Python is restricted to southern Thailand’s swamps.

But would you have guessed that the closest related species to pythons in Thailand is the Sunbeam Snake? This marsh dweller isn’t nearly a match for a python’s size but you might notice a vague resemblance in the head. It is the only member of its family found in the country. Another rather common marsh dweller, Jodi’s Pipe Snake, belongs to another more distantly related family. Several other pipe snakes may be found in Thailand’s edge provinces but that has not yet been verified.

Take a look at the link below to learn how to tell the three local species of python apart, as well as to learn more about the sunbeam snakes and pipe snakes in our midst.

Identifying Pythons in Thailand

Identifying Sunbeam Snakes in Thailand

Identifying Pipe Snakes in Thailand