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Today I’m highlighting some of the strangest snakes you’ll find within our borders. Wart Snakes and Odd-scaled Snakes are two distantly related families that have one big thing in common – strange bumpy scales cover their bodies.

Identifying Odd-scaled Snakes in Thailand

The Dragon Snake and the Laotian Bearded Snake are our two species of Odd-scaled Snake. The Dragon Snake with its unique raised ridges has only been seen twice in the country, both in the south, while the Laotian Bearded Snake with a flurry of scales around its nose was just found for the first time in 2016 and is only known in Thailand from four specimens from a single northern province.

Identifying Wart Snakes in Thailand

One the other hand, the Javan Wart Snake and Little File Snake are quite common species that fill the waterways on and near Thailand’s coast. They appear to use their weird scales to assist in wrapping around and gripping the fish that make up their diets. The unusual skin has unfortunately made them a big target of the leather industry.