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Khorat Blind Snake

Indotyphlops khoratensis

This is now considered an invalid species

Khorat Blind Snake Typhlops khoratensis Indotyphlops holotype field museum thailand งูดินโคราช Ngu-din Khorat
Original “Khorat Blind Snake” from Saraburi (Field Museum / CC BY-NC)

English name: “Khorat Blind Snake” – now actually Brahminy Blind Snake
Scientific name: “Indotyphlops khoratensis” – now actually Indotyphlops braminus
Thai name: “งูดินโคราช (Ngu-din Khorat)” – now actually งูดินบาน (Ngu-din Ban)

Explanation: The Khorat Blind Snake was described in 1962 based on specimens from central Thailand which were identical to the Brahminy Blind Snake except for lacking distinct gland lines on the head, having only an eyespot instead of visible pupils, and some slightly different body shape ratios. However, Wallach 2009 showed that all of the supposedly distinct characteristics of the Khorat Blind Snake actually fell within the range of known Brahminy Blind Snakes and that all known specimens of the Khorat Blind Snake are female just as for the Braminy Blind Snake. Thus he determined that the Khorat Blind Snake was an invalid species and all such specimens could be identified as Brahminy Blind Snakes.

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