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About Us

Jon is the founder and author of Bangkok Herps. He grew up in the USA as the son of an outdoorsman who introduced him to a love of all nature and concern for its conservation. Jon has been herping for over 30 years, teaching science formally and informally for 20 years, and systematically surveying and studying herps for the last 13 years. When Jon and his family lived in Bangkok, his frustration in the lack of resources with which to identify local amphibians led him to do something about it and write his own site. A former North American Field Herping Association Member of the Year, Jon currently supports ongoing projects in Bangladesh, Philippines, and the USA through herpetological surveying and public outreach efforts.

Rose is Jon’s partner in this work and all of life. Originally born in the USA, Rosey left in order to share her life with women going through trauma. She loves hiking, spending time in nature, and handling snakes that don’t musk on your hands.

Sophia is the newest member of the household. She loves being in nature and going on hikes, thinks that holding little herps is a delight, and will begin learning all their names and identifying characteristics in due time. Right now we’re hoping to expose her to the peace and beauty of nature and as much clean air as possible as often as possible.

Other contributors

Michael Cota, an associate with the National Science Museum and National History Museum in Thailand, was the first herpetologist Jon met in Bangkok. He was able to guide the initial identifications of finds and basically built the Bangkok species list for this site. Michael and Jon together wrote up the note describing the first known Thailand population of Sri Lankan House Geckos, which Jon had discovered in urban Bangkok.

Sjon Hauser, an accomplished herpetologist and founder of Snakes of Northern Thailand, has been of invaluable assistance in the identification of northern Thai snake species and “forensic herpetology”.

Rushen Bilgin, web developer and founder of Thai National Parks website, collects data for Thai species range maps and shares all his wildlife photos and range maps for free under creative commons license. Without him the building of the Thailand species list would have been far too difficult.

John Murphy, who literally wrote the book on Asian Water Snakes, has given assistance in this area that no one else could have provided.

Van Wallach, one of the world’s leading experts on blind snakes, gave crucial information for our blind snake accounts. Jeff Boundy and Alex Pyron also contributed very helpfully to the discussion.

Hundreds of individuals have contributed photos to the site, entirely free, out of a desire to support nature education and conservation. Their graciousness is enormously appreciated. This site wouldn’t be possible without their good will.

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