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Bengkulu Cat Snake

Boiga bengkuluensis

This species is not yet confirmed from Thailand
Bengkulu Cat Snake Boiga bengkuluensis sumatra
Bengkulu Cat Snake in Sumatra (© Gernot Vogel)

English name: Bengkulu Cat Snake
Scientific name: Boiga bengkuluensis
Thai name:

Description: To 167cm. A medium-sized, slender cat snake with bulbous head. Color is a brilliant mottled olive-green with darker green crossbars that broaden on the sides and some light brown markings. Venter is greenish-brown with dark speckling and three dark stripes (the middle stripe being the least distinct).

Relevant scale counts: 19 midbody rows of smooth scales. 1 preocular, 2 postoculars, 8 supralabials with III-IV contacting orbit, 261 ventrals, 146 subcaudals

Similar Species: White-spotted Cat Snake lacks the middle ventral stripe.
Green Cat Snake is a lighter and more uniform green in color on the body.

Range: It has only conclusively been confirmed from the island of Sumatra, particularly the Bengkulu region. There are reports that it may be also found on mainland Malaysia or southern Thailand but nothing has been confirmed.

Habitat: Dense lowland forest.

Contribution to the ecosystem: Feeds on small vertebrates. May be eaten by larger snakes, birds of prey, and civets.

Danger to humans: This snake is rear-fanged with mild venom but it is not known to be dangerous to humans.

Conservation status and threats: Is only known from within a small region that is currently subject to some deforestation, so this species may be in jeopardy.

Interesting facts: When the Bengkulu Cat Snake was first described from Sumatra in 2003, the authors suggested that the species may have been seen on the mainland as well. Since then multiple herpetologists reported seeing the new species in southern Thailand. However, other researchers reviewing these sightings have suggested that they are only reporting especially green phases of the White-spotted Cat Snake. The Bengkulu Cat Snake has not yet been conclusively confirmed from Thailand.

IUCN Red List: Boiga bengkuluensis
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Gernot Vogel pers. comm.

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