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Identifying Blind Snakes in Thailand

With their tiny scales and barely visible eyes, Blind Snakes won’t be confused with any other snake species. However, their lack of features makes them difficult to distinguish from each other. You might need to inspect minor features of scales, which are described in this Key to Blind Snakes of Thailand. Another useful resource is Systematics of the Blindsnakes.

slender Blind Snakes

Brahminy Blind Snake
Brahminy Blind Snake Ramphotyphlops braminus Indotyphlops bangkok thailand
Jon Hakim / CC BY-NC

The nondescript species found in parks and gardens across Thailand. 20 rows of midbody scales.

White-headed Blind Snake
White-headed Blind Snake Indotyphlops albiceps ventiane laos งูดินหัวขาว Ngu-din Hua Kao
© Alexandre Teynié

Unique with its distinct white head and often white tail as well. 20 rows of midbody scales.

Slender Worm Snake
Slender Blind Snake Indotyphlops porrectus
© Vivek Sharma

An extremely slender species, sometimes having a pale head. 18 rows of midbody scales.

Ozaki’s Blind Snake
Ozaki's blind snake Indotyphlops ozakiae งูดินปักธงชัย khorat Nakhon Ratchasima thailand
Field Museum / CC BY-NC

Similar to Brahminy, but inferior nasal suture contacts preocular instead of 2nd supralabial. Found in Khorat.

Flower’s Blind Snake
CAS 101599, photo by Erica Ely

Glands are scattered across head scales rather than along lines. Tail blunt with no point. 18 rows of midbody scales. Found in C Thailand.

robust Blind Snakes

Diard’s Blind Snake
diard's blind snake typhlops diardi Rajib Rudra Tariang Assam India
© Rajib Rudra Tariang

Very large. Dark dorsum blends into lighter belly. 24-30 rows of midbody scales. Found throughout Thailand except in south.

Mueller’s Blind Snake
Mueller's Blind Snake Typhlops muelleri
© Gernot Vogel

Very large. Has distinct separation between dark body and white belly. Typically 24-26 midbody scale rows. Found in S and C Thailand.

Siamese Blind Snake
siamese blind snake Typhlops Argyrophis siamensis vietnam
© Peter Geissler

Robust but smaller than Diard’s Blind Snake. 20-22 midbody scale rows. Found in E Thailand.

Roxane’s Blind Snake
Roxanne's Blind Snake Argyrophis roxaneae Thailand Typhlops FMNH R177984 holotype
© Harvard University MCZ

Darkest pigment only on upper 5 scale rows. Deeply concave postsnasal border. 20 midbody scale rows. Found in C Thailand.

Trang Blind Snake
Trang Blind Snake Typhlops trangensis Argyrophis Thailand FMNH 178236
Field Museum / CC BY-NC

Grey above and yellowish below with sharp dividing line. 24 midbody scale rows don’t decrease at either end. Found in S Thailand.

Striped Blind Snake
striped blind snake lined blind snake Ramphotyphlops lineatus indonesia
© Haegel Alif

The only blind snake in the region with lines/stripes on the body. 22-23 midbody scale rows. Found in S Thailand.

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