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Identifying Odd-scaled Snakes in Thailand

Odd-scaled Snakes are a primitive family with scale patterns and shapes quite different from modern snakes. They are rarely seen – there are only 2 records of a Dragon Snake in Thailand and 3-4 records of a Bearded Snake.

The unique appearance of Odd-scaled Snakes makes them difficult to confuse with any other species.

Dragon Snake
Dragon Snake Javan Tubercle Snake Rough-backed Litter Snake Xenodermus javanicus Malaysia Ngu Tong Kao งูทองขาว
© Konrad Mebert

Grey and slender with a very distinct head. Unique rows of extremely keeled scales form three ridges along the body.

Laotian Bearded Snake
Laotian Bearded Snake Nan Province parafimbrios lao tontan

Grey, sometimes with a lighter collar. Has a slightly distinct head. Small bumpy dorsal scales are separated from each other by skin.

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