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Identifying Pipe Snakes in Thailand

Pipe Snakes are dark cylindrical snakes that have bright markings when juveniles. There is thought to be one species of pipe snake in Thailand, Jodi’s Pipe Snake. However, it is possible that the Burmese Pipe Snake from Myanmar (which has 19 midbody scale rows) or Mirza’s Pipe Snake from Singapore (which has narrow light completed rings encircling the body) are also found in the country. For more information on differentiating between these species, read the paper Two new species of the genus Cylindrophis from Southeast Asia in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation 9(1).

Pipe Snakes may sometimes be confused with Sunbeam Snakes or certain species of Asian Water Snakes.

Jodi’s Pipe Snake
jodi's Cylindrophis jodiae ruffus red-tailed pipe snake kaeng krachen thailand
Thai National Parks CC / SA-BY

Cylindrical in shape, dark with light rings that fade in age. Rings are uncompleted on the top. Has 21 midbody scale rows.

(juvenile Jodi’s Pipe Snake)
jodi's Cylindrophis jodiae ruffus red-tailed pipe snake bangkok thailand งูก้นขบลายใหญ่, ngu gonn kop lai yai
Jon Hakim CC / NC-BY
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