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Identifying Reed Snakes in Thailand

Reed Snakes are tiny fossorial snakes, rarely seen as they hide under the ground or among objects on the forest floor. They eat small soft-bodied invertebrates.

Some Reed Snakes might be confused with various small colubrids such as Ringnecks, Smooth Snakes, or Kukri Snakes, as well as venomous Coral Snakes, so be careful!

Dwarf Reed Snake
Dwarf Reed Snake Cantor's Pseudorabdion longiceps malaysia
© Steven Wong

Elongate head, dark brown belly. 15 midbody scale rows and 5-6 supralabials

Collared Reed Snake
Brown Collared Reed Snake Calamaria pavimentata งูพงอ้อท้องเหลือง Thailand khao yai
Jon Hakim / CC BY-NC-SA

Short head, yellow belly, two spots on tail. 13 midbody scale rows and 4 supralabials

Variable Reed Snake
Variable Reed Snake Calamaria lumbricoidea งูพงอ้อหลากลาย malaysia
© Anton

Variable color and pattern, sometimes with colored head. Belly white, yellow, or orange with black bands. 5 supralabials.

Pink-headed Reed Snake
Pink-headed Reed Snake Red-headed White-headed Calamaria schlegli งูพงอ้อหัวแดง
© Chien C. Lee

Head may be fully or partially colored. Belly white/cream with grayish tint. 5 supralabials.

Short-tailed Reed Snake?
Short-tailed Reed Snake Boie's Dwarf Snake Calamaria virgulata งูพงอ้อหางสั้น thailand
© Wildlife Research Division

Dark snake with orange/yellow lips and white belly. 13 midbody scale rows and 5 supralabials. Possibly new species.

Malayan Mountain Reed Snake
Malayan Mountain Reed Snake Side-blotched Striped Macrocalamus lateralis งูพงอ้อมลายู thailand
© Michael Cota

Tan circular markings bordered in black. 15 midbody scale rows and 8 supralabials.

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