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Identifying Slug Snakes in Thailand

Slug Snakes are small, slender, forest-dwelling snakes, some of which are terrestrial and some of which frequent low vegetation. They tend to be found in moister areas with the slugs and snails that make up their diet.

Some species of Slug Snakes may be confused with young Cat Snakes.

spotted Slug Snakes

Spotted Slug Snake
Spotted slug snake Pareas macularius Doi Phu Kha National park thailand
© Ian Dugdale

White and black spots form broken bands. Dorsal scales are slightly keeled. Collar is W-shaped, speckled, and rarely colored. Usually found at higher elevations.

White-spotted Slug Snake
Pareas margaritophorus White-spotted slug snake chiang mai thailand
© Sjon Hauser

White and black spots form broken bands. Dorsal scales are smooth. Collar is straight or broken up, unspeckled, and often colored. Usually found at lower elevations.

barred Slug Snakes

Keeled Slug Snake
Keeled Slug Snake Pareas carinatus yala thailand
(Leonid / CC BY-NC)

Tan to brown with darker bars. Keeled dorsal scales. Prefrontal scale does not contact eye. Found at lower elevations.

Hampton’s Slug Snake
Pareas hamptoni, Hampton's slug-eating snake - Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park Thailand
(Thai National Parks / CC BY-SA)

Tan to orangish-brown with darker bars. Keeled dorsal scales. Prefrontal scale contacts eye. Found at higher elevations in the N and W of Thailand.

Smooth Slug Snake
Smooth Slug Snake Asthenodipsas laevis Pareas งูกินทากเกล็ดเรียบ (Ngu Gin Thaag Gled Riab) borneo indonesia
© Edward Evans

Brown to reddish-brown with dark bars and sometimes a light dorsal stripe. Smooth dorsal scales. Found in the S of Thailand.

Malayan Slug Snake
Malayan Slug-eating Snake Asthenodipsas malaccanus thailand Bang Lang NP
© Ian Dugdale

Thai populations are black with white heads, white dorsal stripe, and uneven white boxes on body. Slight keel along dorsal stripe. Found in the S of Thailand.

blunt-headed Slug Snakes

Blunt-headed Slug Snake
Blunt-headed Slug Snake Blunthead Tree Snake aplopeltura boa malaysia
© Chien C. Lee

Can be a variety of clouded or barred patterns. Head is very short and deep with a vertical eyestripe passing through light lip. Body is extremely slender. Found in the S of Thailand.

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