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Identifying Tree Snakes in Thailand

Tree Snakes are long arboreal snakes, with spectacular bright colors. They are also known as “Flying Snakes” due to their unique ability to flatten their bodies and glide somewhat to move from tree to tree.

Tree snakes may be confused with some arboreal vipers but they have narrower heads and lack the pits behind the nostrils.

Golden Tree Snake
Golden Tree Snake Ornate Flying Snake Chrysopelea ornata thailand bangkok
© Daniel Rosenburg

Body with streaks of black and green or yellow. Sometimes red dots on top alternating with black bars.

Paradise Tree Snake
Paradise Tree Snake Flying Snake Chrysopelea paradisi งูเขียวร่อน malaysia
Thai National Parks / CC BY-SA

Black base color with a green or yellow dot on each scale. Often with 1-3 red dots alternating with black on top of the body.

Twin-barred Tree Snake
Twin-barred Tree Snake Banded Flying Snake Chrysopelea pelias งูดอกหมากแดง malaysia
© Steven Wong

Mostly red above and brown on the sides with cream crossbars edged in black.

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