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Identifying Whip Snakes in Thailand

Whip Snakes are slender arboreal snakes with elongated diamond-shaped heads. Most species have horizontal pupils designed for optimal binocular vision, betraying their diurnal, stalking-based hunting method.

The unique head shape and extraordinarily slender bodies of the whip snakes make them difficult to confuse with any other species.

Long-nosed Whip Snake
Long-nosed Whip Snake Ahaetulla nasuta head

Nearly always green in color. Unique protruding scale on end of nose. (Jon Hakim / CC BY-NC)

Oriental Whip Snake
Oriental Whip Snake Asian Vine Snake Ahaetulla prasina งูเขียวหัวจิ้งจก malaysia

Variable color, no gray belly lines, no protruding nose scale. 9-10 supralabials, 194-235 ventrals, split anal. (© OrionHerpAdventure)

Big-eye Green Whip Snake
Big-eye Green Whip Snake Malayan Whipsnake Vine Snake Ahaetulla mycterizans malaysia

Green, ivory belly with gray lines, no protruding scale. 7-8 supralabials, 186-195 ventrals, anal entire. (Alex Figueroa / CC BY-SA-NC)

Speckle-headed Whip Snake
Speckle-headed Whip Snake Spotted Whipsnake Banded Vine Snake Ahaetulla fasciolata malaysia

Light brown to gray with dark speckling on head. Belly gray. (© Bernard DuPont)

Keel-bellied Whip Snake
Keel-bellied Whip Snake Brown Red Dryophiops rubescens Sumatra

Gray to brown, cream belly with brown flecks, dark brown facemask. Blunt head and round pupil. (© OrionHerpAdventure)

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