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Long-tailed Water Snake

Enhydris longicauda

This species is not found in Thailand
Long-tailed Mud Snake Longtailed water snake Enhydris longicauda Tonlé Sap, Cambodia
Long-tailed Water Snake in Tonlé Sap, Cambodia (© John Murphy)

English name: Long-tailed Water Snake (aka: “Long-tailed Mud Snake”, “Longtailed Mud Snake”)
Scientific name: Enhydris longicauda
Thai name: 

Description: Brown with dark blotches on sides and smaller blotches at top. Head is slightly larger than that of other similar species. Belly is black with yellow spots. Tail is relatively long and somewhat laterally flattened.

Relevant scale counts: 21 midbody scales, 122-136 ventral scales and 52-76 subcaudal scales.

Similar Species: Mekong Delta Water Snake has 106-117 ventral scales and 42-56 subcaudals and is only known from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Jagor’s Water Snake has 117-127 ventral scales, has a relatively shorter tail and is only known from Thailand.

Range: Only known from Tonlé Sap Lake, Cambodia

John C. Murphy pers. comm.
Evolution in the Mud

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