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Sabah Mountain Smooth Slug Snake

Asthenodipsas stuebingi

This species is not found in Thailand
sabah mountain slug snake Asthenodipsas stuebingi malaysia borneo chien lee
Sabah Mountain Smooth Slug Snake in Borneo (© Chien C. Lee)

English name: Sabah Mountain Smooth Slug Snake
Scientific name: Asthenodipsas stuebingi (formerly Asthenodipsas laevis)
Thai name:

Explanation: The Sabah Mountain Smooth Slug Snake was recently described from certain highlands in Borneo, having previously being confused with the Smooth Slug Snake with which it shares 6 supralabial scales (though it is larger and unlike the Smooth Slug Snake it has a dorsal keel). It appears similar to the Bornean Dark-necked Slug Snake except that it has a black eye, 6 supralabial scales instead of 7-8, and is only found in mountainous regions (900-2000 m elevation).

References: Reptile Database: Asthenodipsas stuebingi
A taxonomic reappraisal of the Smooth Slug Snake Asthenodipsas laevis in Borneo with the description of two new species

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