Reptiles and Amphibians of Bangkok

Central Thailand's Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, and Frogs

Identifying Frogs

Frogs are the primary type of amphibian found in Bangkok.  You can hear their calls at night, see them jump into the water as you walk by ponds and canals, find them in the dirt and rocks of your garden, and even have them wander into your home during rainstorms. Along with lizards, spiders, birds, and bats, frogs are a primary factor in the control of insect populations in the city, and are also a food source for many carnivorous animals. You might see the following kinds of frogs here in Bangkok:


Common Indian Toad – Distinct “warts”, parotid glands behind eyes, ridges on head
Common Indian Toad Duttaphrynus melanostictus


Small-to-medium, squat-bodied frogs

Inornate Froglet – Flattened body, streaked coloration
Inornate Froglet Micryletta inornata

Darkside Narrowmouth Frog – Small, narrow head, dark sides
Dark-side Narrowmouth Frog

Ornate Narrowmouth Frog – Small, narrow head, lighter sides and mark on back
Ornate Narrowmouth Frog

Asian Painted Frog – Round body, cream bands on sides
Asian Painted Frog

Green Puddle Frog – squat body, bulbous eyes set on top of head
Green Puddle Frog Occidozyga lima

Round-tongued Floating Frog – squat body, eyes set slightly to the side
Round-tongued Floating Frog Occidozyga martensii



Four-lined Treefrog – broad head, only treefrog in Bangkok area
Four-lined Treefrog Polypedates leucomystax


Medium-to-large, long-legged frogs

Three-striped Grass Frog – slender legs, narrow stripe down middle of back
Three-striped Grass Frog

Green Paddy Frog – broader light stripe on sides with no stripe on back
Green Paddy Frog

Asian Grass Frog – no stripes on sides, ridges on skin
Asian Grass Frog Fejervarya limnocharis

Chinese Edible Frog – very large, heavy-bodied, ridges on skin
Chinese Edible Frog

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