Ahaetulla nasuta

Long-nosed Whip Snake green vine snake Ahaetulla nasuta งูเขียวปากแหนบ thailand
Long-nosed Whip Snake in Pha Yao (Jon Hakim / CC BY-NC)

English name: Long-nosed Whip Snake (aka “Green Vine Snake”)
Scientific name: Ahaetulla nasuta
Thai name: งูเขียวปากแหนบ (Ngu Khieo Pak Nab)

Description: To 200cm long. Long, extremely slender body with a long tail. Elongate head is shaped like an arrowhead, coming to a pointed tip at the snout with an extended scale forming the “nose”. Eyes are large and have horizontal pupils. Body is light green to brown above and white to green below. This snake sometimes exposes white and black markings on the upper body when disturbed.

Relevant scale counts: 15 midbody rows of smooth scales. 9-10 supralabials. 135-207 ventrals, anal divided, 135-180 subcaudals.

Similar Species: Oriental Whip Snake lacks final protruding scale at the end of the “long-nose”.
Golden Tree Snake is not as slender, has black markings, and lacks the characteristic pointed snout.
Green pit vipers (Cryptelytrops albolabris and Cryptelytrops macrops) are not as slender and have a broader head and pits behind their nostrils.

Range: From India and Sri Lanka east to Cambodia and Vietnam. Found across Thailand except in the southern peninsula.

Habitat: Forests, grasslands, and everywhere in between up to 1800m elevation. In Bangkok can be found in agricultural areas, empty lots, parks, and gardens.

Place in the ecosystem: Feeds on lizards, frogs, and small rodents; sometimes also birds and smaller snakes. Is eaten by birds of prey and larger snakes.

Danger to humans: Not dangerous to humans. It has a weak venom that only takes effect if the snake is able to chew for an extended period of time and is not potent enough to cause symptoms past itchiness and mild swelling.

Conservation status and threats: No known conservation issues. Has adapted well to human encroachment, and its ability to blend in to its surroundings allow it to remain relatively unmolested by humans. However, its long length and slow speed make it a frequent victim of cars.

Interesting facts: Though its slender body gives the impression of speed, the Long-nosed Whip Snake is very slow-moving, relying on its camouflage to avoid predators and surprise prey.

One of my photos of the Long-nosed Whip Snake that you saw above was taken off of this site by social media users and has gone viral, being used in numerous memes and even showing up in a software company’s ad campaign.

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While I am happy for anyone to use the photos on this website for educational purposes, it is always best to ask first, and I will not approve commercial uses. Several people have used the photo for their own profit via social media and advertising, and only one of them asked me first. Thank you for understanding!

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